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14 august 2002

Today has been extended with the largest update ever. In earlier versions you would only find danish labels but now you will also find foreign labels on this site. Below you will find a overview of countries represented with labels in this first version, you will also find the number of breweries from each country:
Country Number of breweries

Australia 19

Belgium 2
Brazil 1

Canada 2
Cap Verde 1

France 5
French Polynesia 1

Germany 72
Great Britain 3

Holland 13

Iceland 3
Italy 3

Latvia 1
Lithuania 11
Luxembourg 2

Malta 1

Namibia 3
New Zealand 2
Norway 14

Poland 13

Russia 16

Switzerland 1
Slovakia 9
Spain 2
Sri Lanka 2
Sweden 37
South Africa 1


Total 249

Unfortunately I have noticed that some of the users thinks that if pictures are placed on the internet, then it's allowed to use them as one likes. It seems that some does not know the copyright laws, or they don't care about it. That's why a new item has been added to the menu that explains how you legally can use and for what purpose. In order to protect my work I have added a watermark to all images - this means that you always can see where the images come from. If you need an image without watermark you are always welcome to take contact to me - probably we can work something out.

Today there is also updates to som danish breweries - the following has been updated
    The Brewery Alliance, Copenhagen
    The Star Brewery
    Hørrelund kilde
    Lundby Brewery
    Middelfart Brewery
    The Brewery Neptun
    Tved Brewery
    Ceres Breweries
    The Brewery Carlsminde
    Thor Breweries

30 maj 2002

Today the update is only for a single brewery - Thisted Brewhouse. Nopw you can see 588 different labels from this brewery. The labels are put in the order that Ole Olsen uses in his catalog.

30 april 2002

This time a lot of new breweries has been added. You will not find many labels from the following breweries, but more will be added later. The clickable map of Denmark is not yet updated - this will be done in the near future.

The following breweries and mineral water factories has been added:
    Houlbjerg Brewery
    Hasseris Brewery
    Brovst Brewery
    Vils Brewery
    Ejby Brewery
    Ikast Mineralwater Factory
    Slagelse Brewhouse
    Vejstrup Brewery
    The Brewery Odin
    Hadsund Brewery
    The Brewery Dronninglund
    Løgstør Brewhouse
    Havdrup Brewery
    Merløse Brewery
    Menstrup Brewery
    The Brewery Rørkjær
    Kirke Hyllinge Brewery
    Skovsgaard Brewery
    Kongsted Brewery
    Herlufmagle Brewery
    Saltum Brewhouse
    The Valash Factory
    The Mineralwater Factory Krystal
    The Mineralwater Factory Marselis
More labels from the following breweries:
    Carlsberg Breweries
    Hesselager Brewery
    Horslunde Brewery

17 april 2002 has been down from app. 11:35 og 6 hours and 4 minuts. The phoneconnection was cut. Now the system should be up and running again.

15 april 2002

More labels from the following breweries:
    Faxe Brewery
    Albani Breweries
    Harboes Brewery
Labels from Harboes Brewery is now put in the same order as Carsten R. Olsen uses in his catalog. The number of labels is now more than 930 different labels from this brewery.

17 march 2002

More labels from the following breweries:
    The Brewery Carlsminde
    The Brewery Stevns
    Gylling Brewery
    Hatting most og mineralwater factory
    Holeby Brewery
    Indslev Brewery
    The Kings Brewhouse
    Lolland Falsters Brewhouse
    Svendborg Brewhouse
    Ørbæk Brewery
    The Brewery Hindsholm

28 february 2002

The following breweries and mineral water factories has been added:
    The Brewery Odin
    The Brewery Urban
    The Neptun Brewery
    J. L. Larsens Beerbrewery - Assens
More labels from the following breweries:
    Faxe Brewery
    Kværndrup Brewery
    Maribo Brewhouse
    Nexø Brewery and Mineral Water Factory
    The Brewery Refsvindinge
    Taasinge Brewery
    The Kings Brewhouse
    Ceres Breweries

3 februar 2002

More labels from the following breweries:
    The Brewery Vestfyen
    Lolland - Falster Brewhouse
    Maribo Brewhouse
    Apollo Mineral Water
    Nørrebro Brewery
    Gylling Brewery
    Ceres Breweries
    Cito Mineral Water
    Faxe Breweries
    The Brewery Vendia
    The Brewery Carlsminde
    Kolding Brewhouse
    The Brewery Refsvindinge
    The Brewery Stjernen
    The Brewery Alliance - Ringsted
    Svendborg Brewhouse
    Albani Breweries

Desuden er der rettet flere fejl omkring Lolland - Falster Bryghus som virkede meningsforstyrrende. Der findes nu en side som fortæller om Lolland - Falster Bryghus' historie, i den forbindelse tak til Finn Christiansen som har skrevet indlægget.

19 januar 2002

En række mindre fejl er rettet. I den forbindelse tak til Tine Wanning og Finn Christiansen fordi de har gjort mig opmærksom på disse fejl.

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